Service design - User experience



PERIOD      APril 2014
TEAM         Justine DEROUET
SKILLS       SERVICE DESIGN - COnnected object
CLIENT      l'école de design nantes altantique


Through a mobile application associated with the Beacon technology, this service allows the emergency services to monitor patients information from their arrival on the scene of the accident to the hospital.

We designed Healthcard as part of a school project in partnership with Mobiapps. The aim was to think of a service using the Beacon technology, keeping in mind that it would be built with PhoneGap.


This service was conceived as a tool for professionals. It can apply to any kind of emergency, from a car crash to a domestic accident. It would facilitate exchanges between the different health services and allow a more efficient monitoring. Emergency application using the Beacon technology.

 There are two versions of the interface: one for the general public and one for the emergency services.


The first one is a medical record for the user to fill in beforehand. It gathers all the medical information the emergency would need in case of accident.

The second interface is used by the emergency services such as policemen or paramedics to retrieve the patient's information. It allows them to read, modify and add more information about the circumstance of the accident and the intervention while in the ambulance. They can also contact the patient’s close family and relation as soon as possible to let them know the patient’s state of health and which hospital he has been send to.


A Beacon is assigned to each patient and gather all the information. This way, when the patient arrives at the hospital, the doctors can access his information as quickly as possible, thanks to their own version of the application which detect the Beacon.


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